First blog post

Growing up I was always told I was a talented artist. As a youngster I always thought that meant I was a painter or a good drawer. As a child artist I never really felt like I fit in. I was never really encouraged to pursue art as a career, however. Reason being, as we all know, it is very difficult to make a living as an artist.  Over the years I pursued careers in numerous different fields but never really felt like I fit in well. I always stayed connected with my artistic side to some degree but kept it at arm’s length because I felt this innate sense of duty to be what everyone; or so I thought, everyone wanted me to be.

Over the years, living on limited funds, I found myself re-using items over and over re-configuring them in different ways to suit my needs. After a while and after vast numbers of DIY projects I became known for the ability to see things for what they could be rather than just what they are.As a Sales Development Manager for a large company this skill helped me tremendously in leading several sales teams to number one. I won numerous awards for cultivating salespeople to their full potential but something was always missing. I really just wanted to be creating. And, helping others create.

More and more, friends began seeking my advice on their own projects. Often, I would get sucked in and end up helping with the building of their projects. This is really the only thing that truly made me feel complete. After far too long, had I finally found my calling?I sure hope so because I absolutely LOVE creating. I love it so much that my entire outlook has changed to where I see the world in a completely different way. I see EVERYTHING for what it could be rather than what it is. I see everything as art.

I started this blog to be an open format to exchange ideas and advice on everything involved in the “art” of upcycling. So, Please keep checking back to find ideas from projects I’ve done, seek advice on a project you want to do or we could come up with a project for an item you have laying around but don’t know what to do with. Also, don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or ideas of your own. If you have a project you’re proud of please share it here. It may inspire others to do something similar or, with any luck at all, take it to the next level.


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